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Antique Tractor Square Dancing - Entertaining & Educational for All Ages!
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The Middle Creek Tractor Swingers welcome you to our website!  Come see antique farm tractors maneuver in ways you've never seen before. Watch classic square dancing by antique tractors and traditional dressed drivers. 



...the world of antique tractor square dancing!
- Formed in 2005 as a unique and separate entertainment and educational team within the Middlecreek Valley Antique Association, the Middle Creek Tractor Swingers perform a variety of traditional square dance routines using eight antique tractors as the dancers.
- All tractors meet AARP age qualifications - being 50 or more years old! Tractor operators are appropriately (debatable) dressed for their roles as men or women partners. The smaller tractors sport flower bouquets and traditional ladies' names to match their roles as women dance partners. The larger tractors have mens' names and drivers with typical? farmer style outfits. Watch for the odd couple "Ollie" & "Alice" and the perfidious "Lady in Pink" who's always looking for new partners.
- The usual performance with 4 to 5 square dance routines takes about 1/2 hour although future shows may be extended as new dance routines are developed and added.
- Performances are designed to be highly entertaining while showcasing the nimble maneuvering characteristics of the now largely extinct tricycle configured farm tractors.
- The team performs at weekend fairs and antique farm equipment meets in the Central Susquehanna River Valley from April through October.
- Practice sessions for members are usually on Sunday afternoons beginning at 2 PM. New members are welcomed and receive training in special driving techniques and dance routines during practice sessions.
- For more information and/or performance reservations contact our organization's President:

George Frymoyer
1553 Troup Valley Road
Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA 17853

Check here for scheduled performance dates and locations as they are confirmed.  The 2015 season schedule has the following performance dates confirmed (see below).

Pa. Farm Show, Friday, Jan. 16 (2 shows - 10 AM & 12 N); Harrisburg

Middlecreek Valley Antique Ass'n, Sat., May 16 (2 shows) & Sun., May 17 (1 show);  Selinsgrove

Middlecreek Valley Antique Ass'n, Sat., Aug. 22 (2 shows) & Sun. Aug. 23 (1 show); Selinsgrove

Middle Creek Tractor Swingers, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization which relies upon donations and sponsors for the money necessary to do their educational and entertaining performances. The following sponsors are supporting our performances in 2014.

Amanda Aurand Accountant
B & R Equipment
Beacon Insurance Co.
Forestlands Reserve
Hilsher's General Store
Hoobers Case-IH
Jaci Confer
Lauver Bros. Landscape Products
Lester E. Stuck Building Supply
Malcolm & Malcolm, Ltd
Meiserville Milling Co.
Mid Penn Insurance
Old School House Garden Market
Pinehurst Acres
Second Amendment Supporters
Sunbury Motors
The Nut Doctor
Union Co. Medical Society
Valley Ag & Turf
Video Shots by Glenn Stuck
Watto Chiropractic
White Springs Repair

It is with regret that the Middle Creek Tractor Swingers announce a much reduced schedule of performances for 2015.  We have been unable to maintain an adequate cadre of drivers necessary to fill a full schedule of performances.  We will still do performances at the 2015 Pa. Farm Show and at our home site in Snyder County.  We will begin our 2015 season tractor practices on Sundays at 2 PM late in March.  New drivers are encouraged to join our group.  No square dance experience is required, although square dance experience speeds up the learning time.  Practices are held at the Middlecreek Valley Antique Ass'n on our practice field.  Ownership of a tractor is not required as a full complement of tractors are available for all practices.  For more information about the Middlecreek Valley Antique Ass'n and directions to the practice field click on www.mvaapa.org/